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Cristoph drops progressive house anthem ‘Turning Away’ on his new record label: Listen

Cristoph drops his highly-anticipated tune ‘Turning Away’ with Ross Quinn on his new record label Consequence of Society

British producers Cristoph and Ross Quinn collaborate on ‘Turning Away,’ debuting it on Cristoph’s new Consequence of Society imprint. The record label’s name may sound familiar to some fans. Named after his breakthrough 2015 EP Consequence of Society, it’s clear that Cristoph is looking to further influence the progressive house scene through a new channel. 

Cristoph and Ross Quinn’s ‘Turning Away’ marks release number one, the first of many that will take us on that unique, euphoric journey that is signature to Cristoph’s sound. Ross Quinn’s vocals open up the door and introduce you to a new world. They bring in a warm, somber feeling into the mix, adding to the multi-layered atmosphere that Cristoph continues to build out for us to dive into and discover. Emotions run deep and at an all-time high throughout each build-up, breakdown and drop thanks to the rich melody that constantly sings to the ear. Every synth, note and percussion element complement each other, creating a perfect rhythm for one to let loose and dance the night away. 

Cristoph is no stranger to success, having released multiple megahits such as ‘The World You See’ and ‘Breathe’ on Eric Prydz‘s imprint Pryda Presents, and many other tracks on labels such as Bedrock, Virgin Records, Anjunadeep and Knee Deep in Sound. An important release that marks a new milestone, Cristoph is sending a message to the world that he is all ears for producers that share his vision of rich, euphoric progressive house tracks. With festival season 2022 in full effect, there is no doubt Cristoph’s latest release will be spreading euphoric vibes to dancefloors all over the world. 

Be sure to check out ‘Turning Away’ and listen to Cristoph and Ross Quinn’s amazing track down below!


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