Hardwell at Ultra Miami

Hardwell drops highly anticipated Ultra Miami 2022 ID ‘Laser’: Listen

Where big room meets techno, Hardwell shines the brightest – after a spectacular comeback this festival season, a highly anticipated ID titled ‘Laser’ from his set at Ultra Miami was released worldwide just at the day of his closing duties at Tomorrowland 2022 Mainstage.

With getting closer to finally completing the musical blocks of the new album, this weekend Hardwell revealed another captivating track titled ‘Laser’. With the ongoing third and final week of Tomorrowland 2022, Hardwell had the task of closing the Mainstage and certainly didn’t miss out on the opportunity of playing this newly revealed title, highly anticipated all the way from his first comeback set at Bayfront Park, and this time with no technical difficulties with the on-stage lasers themselves.

Whoever you may ask, ‘Laser’ takes the title of the most energetic tracks from the latest albums. The energy and theme are perfectly paired with a sample of a 1967 broadcast of a CBS documentary series “21st Century”, in which the anchorman Walter Cronkite talks about the development of using lasers eight years after their original patent application was submitted. Over 60 years ago, Walter expressed his thoughts: “Now, man has created a new kind of light with powers and properties unlike anything that existed before.” We wonder if he anticipated this massive discovery would have usage in entertainment purposes for creating spectacles as the moment from Hardwell’s Tomorrowland set.

‘Laser’ is an energetic ode to a discovery not so distant as one may feel in the everlasting technological progress race we experience. The album ‘Rebels Never Die’ seems to connect the mystical with scientific curiosity and appreciation, with this track going hand-in-hand with previously released tracks ‘Zero Gravity’ and ‘Into The Unknown’. The strong futuristic drops will take the listeners into the future which, considering only few decades ago humanity has discovered the concepts that carry the names of these tracks, doesn’t seem as distant and out of reach.

Enjoy highly-anticipated Hardwell track ‘Laser’ on all streaming platforms, and Spotify down below:

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