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Illenium & Dillon Francis join forces on ‘Don’t Let Me Let Go’: Listen

Illenium and Dillon Francis have teamed up and added vocalist EVAN GIIA for their new single, “Don’t Let Me Let Go”  The two producers have been teasing the track for a few weeks on social media and debuted it at EDC Las Vegas earlier this year.

Opening with a simple plucked lead and jumping right in with EVAN GIIA’s strong vocal presence, the track instantly feels like an Illenium but with more urgency than listeners may be accustomed to.  The high energy quickly culminates when the percussion comes in for the pre-chorus, building into the undeniably infectious hook, where GIIA reverts to a mild falsetto yet somehow finds a way to have her voice take on more meaning through the change in style.  Lyrically, all the feels are here, “don’t let me let go,” being repeated over a beautiful bed of synths and drums the first time around and elevated for the second verse when a strummed acoustic guitar is brought in to add realness and flavor to the arrangement.

With two major names in EDM on the track, listeners are going to focus in on the production details and the drop itself.  It hits…and it hits hard.  As the song builds under a layer of GIIA‘s vocals, it unleashes into a full wave of massive chords, synths and drums, larger than life and ready made for festival stages around the world.  In recent years, dance music’s resident comedian, Dillon Francis, has come to show his softer side, especially on singles, “Love Me Better” and “Unconditional,” so teaming up with Illenium now feels like a perfect fit.  This has to be one of the most high profile collaborations that we’ll see in 2020 and it absolutely hits on every level.  Sing along ready top line, beautiful orchestration and larger than life drop, what more could one ask for from Illenium and Dillon Francis.

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