Löök unveils eclectic ‘Party Pumping EP’: Listen

Enticing even the toughest of crowds, Löök has just unveiled a two track EP, entitled ‘Party Pumping.’ As eclectic as it gets, each production will have anyone feeling some type of way, as this fast-rising star is more than set on leaving his own mark within the dance scene.

Blessing fans alike with the most eclectic of EP’s, Löök (real name Lukas David Stucka) is more than set on leaving his own mark within our community. Implementing his signature sound throughout, ‘Party Pumping‘ leaves no doubt to the imagination, with both featured tracks set to captivate even the toughest of crowds. In addition to the title track, ‘Party Pumping,’ a production that will have anyone out of their seats and onto the nearest dance floor in no time at all, ‘Eyes Closed‘ completes this two track EP in the most proficient of manners.

Based in Los Angeles, Löök is on the rise within the dance scene, with his hit track ‘Babygirl‘ amassing millions of streams, and at the same time, further cementing his status as an artist to watch. Exploring a variation of genres over the years, it has become more than evident that Löök’s versatile nature is what helps him stand-out from the rest, and although at the current moment in time his productions incline towards the Tech House and House spectrum, it is more than certain that as time progresses, so will the style of play of this fast-rising star.

Out now under L.B.A Groove Records, ‘Party Pumping’ the EP will have anyone feeling some type of way, with both tracks further indicating the undeniable musical prowess of Löök. Providing only the most positive of vibes, each track is destined to feature at some of the biggest venues and festivals worldwide, with its club ready aura set to scintillate anyone lucky enough to get their hands on this EP. With this in mind, be sure to check out ‘Party Pumping’ in all its glory below, with streaming also available through all major platforms here. Enjoy!


Image Credit: Löök / Provided by UFO Network

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