Rave The Planet, Loveparade 2022

200,000 people gather in streets of Berlin for Rave The Planet Parade

In Berlin, on 9 July, a whopping 200,000 people gathered in the streets for the free Rave The Planet Parade featuring over 100 DJs. It is being hailed as the new version of the iconic Love Parade.

Known for epic parade’s in the past, Love Parade of course being the most iconic, Berlin continued the legacy of this and thus the Rave The Planet Parade took place over the past weekend. With a huge 200,000 people in attendance raving through a route spanning 7km that started in the early afternoon, it was another hugely successful edition for the parade. The idea of this parade was to bring back the spirit of Love Parade, but in a newer format.

Not only an excuse to get together for a large techno event, the parade is also used to highlight some important factors and changes they want to make to the scene. As described via their website, they have a list of demands and some include: equal status for electronic music culture, unconditional basic income for artists and cultural workers, abolition of dancing bans and even introducing a day for electronic music as a public holiday. Using their voices and large collective to make a difference, it is culturally important and also reinventing the parade for the newer generation.

The brains behind the Rave The Planet Parade, Dr. Motte (also the brains behind the original Love Parade) stated about the recent edition:

“What a day. Unbelievable. We brought the spirit of the Love Parade back to Berlin. We did it, and with the best intentions. We, as the non-profit Rave the Planet organisation, worked long and hard on it. We all felt the rhythm and the bass in the streets of Berlin and the music brought us together.”

You can find out more about the Rave The Planet Parade and what they stand for through their website here. Weren’t there? You can also watch a 6-hour livestream of the event by Zabby Live News below.


Image Credit: Rave The Planet

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