Rebecca Helena 'Dream of Forever'

A wider look into the emergence of Rebecca Helena within the dance scene

Discovering her love for music from a very young age, Rebecca Helena is the epitome of an artist that has dedicated her life to mastering her craft, as well as evolving her sound at any given chance. A truly remarkable emergence into our scene, the future could not seem any more bright.

Looking to leave her own mark within the electronic dance industry, Rebecca Helena has emerged into the dance scene in the most distinctive of fashions, and we are all for it. Based in Berlin, this fast-rising star has set her sights on nothing other than global domination, as each of her releases act as a clear indicator towards everything that she has set out to achieve within our community. A singer/songwriter herself, Helena developed a passion for songwriting from a young age, as it was “a way of dealing with challenges or things that [she] went through” at that moment in time. Venturing along the realms of pop and electronic dance, it was not until her decision to leave behind her homeland of Norway that she made her entry into our scene, and in doing so, has been able to implement her “scandi pop” background, into all the new music that she has been working on with various artists’ in Berlin, and not only.

Discovering her love of music from a very young age, it only made sense for Helena to follow a career pathway that may have not necessarily been regarded as “safe” when compared to normal jobs, however, with all roads pointing to the direction of music, it now comes to no surprise that each of her releases have been gaining traction in no time at all, with features in the form of ‘Marble‘ and ‘Plans of Power‘ amassing millions of streams from the offset of their official release. No stranger to collaborations, Helena quite recently teamed up with Harris & Ford and Bassjackers for a festival anthem entitled ‘Psycho,’ and in turn, has further amplified her presence as an artist to watch within the dance scene. Developing her own sound at any given chance, songwriters such as Ina Wroldsen and Julia Michaels provide a form of inspiration, with Helena more than set on creating a lasting legacy of her own as time progresses.

Embarking on the most prosperous of musical journeys, Helena has well and truly defied all obstacles that were presented at an early stage in her career, thus, further elevating her status as an artist to watch within our community. All achieved so far was without her being signed to a publisher. More than set on taking our scene by storm, Helena has now teamed up with Robert Falcon for their latest release, ‘Dream of Forever,’ and if this collaboration is anything to go by, we cannot wait for all the new music that is in the works. A certified hit in our books, we will most definitely be keeping a close eye on Helena and all her future endeavors, but for the time being, make sure to stay up to date with all things Helena, by following her on Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.



Image Credit: Rebecca Helena (Press)

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