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The Chainsmokers unite with Bob Moses on ‘Why Can’t You Wait’: Listen

The Chainsmokers have teamed up with Bob Moses for their newest single, “Why Can’t You Wait.”  The single has been added to their most recent album, So Far So Good, across streaming services.

After three long years of silence from the one of the world’s most popular musical duos, The Chainsmokers are keeping up with steady output in 2022, having released their fourth full length album, and now dropping the second single from the deluxe version of the album, following up their recent collaboration with Ship Wrek, “The Fall.”  “Why Can’t You Wait,” has been teased by the group on social media for the past few weeks, as the duo shared clips of how the track came together and their excitement for getting the opportunity to collaborate with Bob Moses and arrives a mere three weeks after their last single.

For “Why Can’t You Wait,” the track features many signature touches for which The Chainsmokers have built their career on, but offers listeners a nice change of pace with the subtle touches of Bob Moses contributions to the track.  Opening up with a hit hat and light vocal samples, the vocals come right in, sitting on top of a subtle piano to fill the track out.  The melodies feel familiar, but in that wonderful way that all great pop song writers have when they find their strength and continue to hone it to perfection.  Just like so much of their music, this is another single that makes sure listeners are humming and singing along by the second verse and chorus.  The falsetto vocals opening the hook, asking “Why can’t you wait,” are such perfect ear candy, practically forcing listeners to turn their full attention to the next few lines and sure to be screamed by thousands of fans night after night on their upcoming tour.  Plus, according to the track listing on Apple Music, it appears there is still one more single coming soon to fill out the deluxe version of the album, so fans hopefully will have one more summer anthem from The Chainsmokers before the end of summer 2022.

Image Credit: Miller Mobley / Provided by Vanessa Menkes Communications

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