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The Top Most Happening Music Festivals to Go to in 2022
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The Top Most Happening Music Festivals to Go to in 2022

Home Uncategorized The Top Most Happening Music Festivals to Go to in 2022

Have you missed out on Coachella? Well, don’t worry. There are still many music festivals that are worth catching up on, in the second half of 2022.

Whether you are planning your Hong Kong transit or you might be visiting Chicago in the next 10 days; sort your trip out smartly to visit one of the most happening music festivals of this year.

Back in 2020, the idea of being in the midst of the crowd went alien. It was certainly the most wanted element but well, nobody could risk it. However, with the pandemic slowing down around the world, it is time for everyone to reminisce about the festivities and have the time of their life.

If you are a music lover, then you definitely do not want to miss out on the following music festivals. Or at least try to catch up on one of these.

1. Lollapalooza:

After Coachella; this music festival is definitely worth it. Lollapalooza brings together a lot of drama, music, comedy, and dance for entertainment lovers. With an array of artists, all under one roof, Lollapalooza is your gateway to fun and festivities. It will be happening at Grant Park in Chicago, from 28th July to 31st July. If you are planning to visit Chicago; book your tickets now. It is a lifetime experience that you definitely do not want to miss out on.

2. Creamfields Hong Kong:

Plan your Hong Kong transit during December this year to witness the biggest electronic music festival of 2022. All the best DJs and musicians, from around the world, are a part of the Creamfields festival, which will be happening from 17th to 28th December 2022. In the previous festivals, Cream Fields has managed more than 100 DJs performing for the audience. To keep a track of the tickets, you must keep checking for their availability online. We also suggest you book your tickets beforehand from Cathay Pacific as they are really convenient to travel with.

3. Austin City Limits Music Festival:

Austin City Limits festivals have an eight-stage celebration. Although the festivity is dedicated to music, you will be able to find a lot of food stalls and a great art market too. It is a perfect festival to attend with your friends and even your family. There is something for all. This is a one-weekend festival that is planned to take place from 7th to 9th October and from 14th to 16th October, in Austin, Texas.

4. Life is Beautiful Music and Art Festival:

Life is Beautiful Music and Art Festival started back in 2013. It brings together the best peeps from pop, hip hop, and rock music, focusing more on the electronic genre. Be assured that you will be experiencing one of the finest and largest electronic music festivals, in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is planned to happen from the 16th of September till the 18th. If you have been thinking about visiting Las Vegas; we suggest you plan your trip around this festival and visit it for sure. You will certainly have the time of your life, with the lineup having some prominent names like Billie Elish and Green Day.

5. Day n Vegas:

Day n Vegas has just been around for a year or two. It isn’t an old one but has definitely won the hearts of many with this powerful lineup, each time. With artists like Travis Scott, Tyler, Doja Cat, and Lil Baby this year; music lovers would rush to the festival, for sure. This music festival has been in the headlines since the very beginning. The sky seems the limit for the producers and managers of the Day n Vegas festival. All set to happen in November this year, the dates will soon be announced. While in Las Vegas, don’t miss this one out!

6. Firefly Music Festival:

FireFly is one of the biggest camping music festivals on the East Coast. From an eye-catching onsite view to a stunning lineup of popular artists; this festival has a lot to offer. The experience at the festival is that of a lifetime. You also have great onsite areas to explore. The festival is all set to happen from 22 September to 25th September this year, at Dover. Delaware.

7. Rolling Loud Miami:

If you love rap, then Rolling Loud Miami is nothing less than a wonderland for you. This is a rap exclusive festival, with the best rap artists lined up. Names like Kendrick Lamar and Future make this festival worth visiting. It is all set to happen from the 22nd of July till the 24th of July. although this festival has always had a lot of controversies happening; we really hope that this one would be a bit smoother. In 2021, DaBaby made homophobic comments and it was all over the headlines.

8. Music Midtown:

Atlanta is home to festivals, beginning from the spring season and going on till the end of summer. Music Midtown is yet another, famous music festival that caters to all types of music genres. From buzz bands to indie music groups; you get the best of all types of music. If you are heading out to Antlta during the second half of September, then Music Midtown is definitely worth visiting.



If you have missed out on Coachella, you can gear up for a lot of fun by visiting any of these music festivals. They are happening in the second half of 2022 and are some of the most popular music festivals of all time.

We all have been doomed due to the pandemic for more than two years. And with festivals paving their way, back in our lives, it is certainly a great time to get your shoulders rubbing together and singing your heart out!

Choose a festival you would want to visit and book your tickets accordingly. It is best to plan and book everything, at least a month prior to your traveling plans to ensure a seamless travel experience.


Image Credit: Noiseporn on Unsplash

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