Tiësto takes creative liberty and prepares a house-focused new album

Tiësto is preparing the release of his new album in which he will explore ‘a whole new direction’.

The universe of electronic music seems infinite and Tiësto is set to reign in several of its worlds. After immortalising himself as trance royalty and having released in a handful of other genres, the Dutch artist will take the groovy path of house music. In his useful life, a music lover navigates between genres, depending on what relates most to his current self. Music and the industry are constantly changing, trends are deviating and more relevantly, artists are evolving. And that’s just as well! There should be no ties that make an artist stay anchored in a single style for the duration of their career. This is what Tiësto believes, and he is happy to enjoy his creativity and the flexibility to work in a variety of styles. This was one of the topics the renowned DJ and producer touched on in his recent interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music 1:

‘I love that I could be anything nowadays, not just boxed into one style or one sound, (…) makes life so much more exciting when you have DJ sets and you can literally play whatever you want’

Some of Tiësto’s recent productions have been moving away from his genesis, delivering more commercial soundscapes, examples being ‘The Motto‘ or ‘The Business‘ whose success of the latter is reflected in its nearly 900 million streams on Spotify. Another radio-ready hit is his latest offering ‘Hot In It‘, his sizzling collaboration with Charli XCX. Picking up on this lighter vibe, Tiësto is preparing an album that unravels the meanders of house music, raising a huge curiosity about the path that the artist has traced for this new work:

‘I’ve been going more housey and more groovy. And it’s a whole new direction, so it’s very exciting.’

This may not be the most thrilling news for those wishing to see Tiësto return to his roots, but it is certainly exciting news for the legion of fans who want to see the Dutch artist spread his magic on yet another new project. Unfortunately, no release date is yet known for the new album, but it is expected to arrive this summer.


Image Credit: Rukes.com