Tomorrowland 2022 Mainstage

There is a Lego version of the Tomorrowland 2022 Mainstage

Tomorrowland has made it’s return after a two year break due to global restrictions and concerns over Covid-19. To celebrate, they recreated the ‘Reflection of Love’ mainstage with Lego.

While the Tomorrowland festival has always been known for it’s iconic and detailed stage creation, the organizers made sure to present something special for the 2022 edition of the event. The already iconic Reflection Of Love mainstage has been a massive success, both for the artists on stage but just as much so for the eye popping visual it represents, reaching out high into the Belgium sky and overseeing the massive crowds.  With two years to plan and develop this event, just building the actual stage wasn’t enough for the return of one of the world’s most popular music events. Over the course of two years, with some minor interruptions due to Covid, employees have been creating a miniature replica of the updated mainstage.

The Lego version of the stage has been executed using over 1,000 blocks as well as 1,500 hours of work in order to flesh out the full look which includes not only the stage, but a field full of excited, mini music fans ready to dance. The model was built next to the MNM studio and a beautiful video of the piece was shared by EMPO (Elecronic Meeting Pointing) to their Facebook page. While there is no word yet on what will become of the model after the festival, nor whether a retail version will be created for fans looking to build their own at home, it is a beautiful sight to see.

Tomorrowland LEGO

Source: MNM Studio

Image Credit: Tomorrowland 

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