Tomorrowland 2022 mainstage

Tomorrowland 2022: interesting facts about the ‘Reflection of Love’ mainstage

Tomorrowland 2022 is in full swing now, and with it brings one of its most impressive mainstage designs to date, and also one of its tallest.

The ‘Reflection of Love‘ theme this year brings a familiar digital design to the real life 16th edition of Tomorrowland. Used partly for one of the digital editions of Tomorrowland that were streamed online, the impressive design is now brought to reality and has made for a mindblowing addition. One of the most exciting aspects of walking into the festival for the first time is going to the mainstage hill to see it in person, and the team have outdone themselves this year with theTomorrowland 2022 mainstage.

Of course, with an impressive design like this comes with equally impressive stats and facts. Locally designed, the Tomorrowland 2022 mainstage was 100% crafted in Belgium. Together, the team crafted a design that is 53 metres high and 270 metres wide, fitting 990 square metres of video tiles onto the various screens, making for an epic view at night as well as throughout the day. Aside from that, there are 1,273 lamps to ensure it sparkles brightly in the night sky, 61 lasers and 18 fountains for the water effects that are staples of any Tomorrowland mainstage design. Another staple of the stage that helps to further bring it to light are all of the dancers and performers, of which there are well over 100 this year. The sound is obviously one of the most important factors of the experience, if not the most important, and to ensure that they were equipped with the best sound no matter what your mainstage view is, they enlisted no less than 214 speaks and subs.

No detail was spared when curating the ‘Reflection of Love’ mainstage, and it definitely shows. Who are you most looking forward to catching on this stage this year, in person or via the livestream?


Image credit: Tomorrowland (via Press)

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