World’s “first” plant-based bioplastic record to be released

The UK environmentalist organization, Music Declares Emergency (MDE), is preparing to release the world’s “first” plant-based bioplastic record this year.  The record will be a compilation of four tracks from the label Ninja Tune and Secretly.

In celebration of the release of the bioplastic record, MDE has created a Crowdfunder as a part of their NO MUSIC ON A  DEAD PLANET campaign to further raise funds as well as offer fans a chance to win one of 20 records when they donate to the campaign.  As for the organization, Music Declares Emergency first began back in 2019.  The group was initially formed by a group of UK artists and musicians in London and has now spread to three continents and does work with over 6,000 declarers from the global music industry. The creation of the bioplastic record is an attempt to evolve the medium and create a product that is more friendly for the world and the global climate.

As for the music involved, the two labels, Ninja Tune and Secretly, have each provided two tracks to the compilation.  The featured artists will be Bicep, Angel Olsen, Porridge Radio and Black Country New Road.  Speaking about the excitement of the project, Peter Quicke, from Ninja Tune had this to say:

We all love vinyl but the current manufacture process involves a significant amount of pollution, so we’ve been looking for alternatives. Massive props to Evolution Music for coming up with a solution.

The band Porridge Radio had this to say about the project via their Instagram:

We’re always talking about how to be more sustainable as a touring band and it sometimes feels impossible but things like this give me hope.

Check out the Crowdfunder and all the positive actions of Music Declares Emergency as the world prepares to get its hands on its first bioplastic record.

Image Credit: Eric Krull on Unsplash