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Alice The G00N reveals emotive new single ‘Forever’: Listen

Taking listeners on the most sentimental of musical journeys, Alice The G00N has just revealed her latest single, in the form of ‘Forever.’ A rhythm and dance hymn for the ages, this fast-rising star is more than set on taking the dance scene by storm, and we are all for it.

Looking to leave her own distinct mark within the electronic dance industry, Alice The G00N has just blessed us all with the most emotive of singles, entitled ‘Forever.’ Leaving no doubt to the imagination, the mellow pop track will have anyone feeling some type of way, as the sentimental nature that omits throughout, most definitely cannot go unnoticed. Reaching a vocal capacity that scintillates in the entirety of the track, this fast-rising star has set her sights on nothing other than global dominance, and if ‘Forever’ is anything to go by, we are more than certain that she will achieve that and more.

Fresh off the success of her previous releases, tracks such as ‘Go,’ ‘Lucky‘ and ‘Who Do You Love,’ led to even higher recognition for this multifaceted artist, whilst the eccentric style that was portrayed through each of those productions, has now been brought back a bit, as Alice The G00N showcases her true versatile nature, and more significantly, the effortless ability she possesses in creating tracks that differ from one and another in drastic fashion. Weaving together nostalgic and futuristic sounds, whilst at the same time also offering slow instrumental melodies and beautiful harmonies, it comes to no surprise that ‘Forever’ is already amassing hundreds of thousands of streams from the get go, and we are all for it.

“When you try to create within a box, you learn the “rules” of that particular box, and whatever doesn’t “fit” gets tossed… and that line of thinking kills my vibe. It’s two-dimensional, and the lack of depth doesn’t sit well with me.” – Alice The G00N

Maintaining a unique outlook on both music and life in general, Alice The G00N does not follow any rules when it comes to mixing genres, and in doing so, allows for a wider spectrum of creativity to be unveiled at any given time through her work of art. Further establishing herself as a rhythm and dance queen, ‘Forever’ takes us all on a musical journey like no other, whilst Alice The G00N once again cements herself as one of the brightest prospects that our scene has to offer. With this in mind, be sure to check out this certified hit in all its glory below, and don’t forget to stay up to date with Alice The G00N, by following her on Instagram and Spotify. Enjoy!

Image Credit: Alice The G00N (Press)

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