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Boris Brejcha’s imprint FCKNG SERIOUS celebrates its anniversary with pristine VA compilation ‘SEVEN YEARS’

Boris Brejcha’s FCKNG SERIOUS is floating in the seventh heaven ‘Not only musically, no, also numerically’.

Seven is a magic number in numerology and also for Boris Brejcha’s breakthrough label. FCKNG SERIOUS reaches its seventh anniversary and celebrates the date of its birth again with another amazing compilation. ‘SEVEN YEARS‘ is available now to delight yourself for hours via, of course, FCKNG SERIOUS.

This project by Brejcha is a label and much more than that. Today, after seven years of an enviable and honourable path, FCKNG SERIOUS is synonymous with quality parties, exquisite music and top-quality moments. The biggest festivals in the world and the most popular venues have been the stage of this label, which has not spared itself from great releases. As a summary of these seven years, they now offer a pristine VA compilation that includes two tracks from each of the 5 players that make up FCKNG SERIOUS. About this milestone, you can read:

‘The breakthrough label around Boris Brejcha is existing since seven years now. Seven years full of shows, concerts, joint tours around the globe and full of music.’

Boris Brejcha contributes with ‘Up Down Jumper‘ from his EP from this June and also the melodic power of his 2016 ‘Night Owl‘. Ann Clue, one of the label’s prodigies offers this compilation of her acclaimed ‘Luna‘ and ‘Fallin‘. Always with a high-tech flavour and a minimal, contemporary elegance that thrives in the realms of melodic techno also Deniz Bul, Theydream and Moritz Hofbauer provide this anniversary edition with two of their finest pearls.

In addition to these 10 tracks, the ‘SEVEN YEARS’ compilation includes a homesession DJ mix by Jonas of the Swiss duo Theydream, who offers a delightful and continuous approach to all the tracks that make up this anniversary collection.

Press play and let yourself go gently into seventh heaven.

Image Credit: Boris Brejcha Press / Provided by Measure PR UK