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Boris Brejcha dives into old-school darkness in ‘I Want You’ feat. Ginger: Listen

Boris Brejcha teams up again with Ginger on his FCKNG SERIOUS to deliver another specimen of his unique and penetrating sound.

Acclaimed DJ and producer Boris Brejcha is FCKNG SERIOUS about releasing new music this year. After returning to the label he founded in June with the acclaimed ‘Up Down Jumper‘ EP, Brejcha hits the road again and now shares ‘I Want You‘ featuring Ginger, already available on the usual platforms via FCKNG SERIOUS.

If you have been following the masked artist for the past few months, you have surely found him at festivals such as Secret Project, Pula Music Week, Tomorrowland and many more. His charisma and interaction with the audience are some of the assets of Boris Brejcha who continues to bewitch crowds with his mysterious and mesmerizing creations. Ginger, his life partner who is present in many of Brejcha’s productions, appears again in this latest offering, lending her talent to ‘I Want You’. This techno cut has Brejcha’s signature all over it, leaving no doubt that this is another fruit of this renowned producer’s mastermind.

‘I Want You’ is ultra-modern while channelling some old-school vibes through the classic main chord. ‘I Want You’ is a robotic, celestial voice that drifts along, faceless, genderless and formless, like a spell appearing in the back of your mind. Brejcha’s characteristic sounds are all there, but instead of staying in the realm of brightness, they cross the barrier of darkness to offer a powerful and hard-hitting clubbing spirit. The beat is infectious and irresistible, and it’s impossible not to dance to this track. It’s a spell that sounds like it was made in a lab, a synthetic anthem that takes over your mind with the aim of making you move. The release is accompanied by a short music video where the characters are Brejcha and Ginger, giving colour and image to the creative and intricate concept of ‘I Want You’.

It’s just further proof that Boris Brejcha delivers nothing short of perfection, maintaining his reign within a genre so unique and impossible to copy. Take a listen to ‘I Want You’ below:

Image Credit: Boris Brejcha Press / Provided by Measure PR UK