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David Guetta unites with Dyro for disco-infused remix of LF SYSTEM’s ‘Afraid To Feel’: Listen

A surprise collaboration, David Guetta and Dyro had been working together on something special which saw its release just last week to the joy of their respective fans.

David Guetta and Dyro have combined to release a remix of one of the hottest records around right now in LF SYSTEM’s hit ‘Afraid To Feel’. The remix arrives as a groovy, funk-infused twist on the original production whilst maintaining that mainstage energy we have come to expect from the pair. Working meticulously on doing the first version justice, a plucky new bassline steals the show in the remix, providing a perfect and refreshing platform upon which the song’s iconic vocal sample sits.

The original track has become one of the songs of the European summer so far, with Scottish duo LF SYSTEM dropping it back at the start of May earlier this year. Released on Warner Records, the track surprises with its ever-changing pace and is driven forward by its prominent, soulful sample of the 1979 classic ‘I Can’t Stop (Turning You On)’ by the R&B group Silk. Since then it has landed itself at the summit of the UK Singles Chart where it still sits today and boasts over 50 million streams on Spotify. That number will no doubt be boosted by remixes from heavyweights like these.

Check out the David Guetta and Dyro remix of ‘Afraid To Feel’ for yourselves below!

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