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Hardwell plays Ushuaïa for his only Ibiza show of the year: Watch

Hardwell made his return to the stage earlier this year at Ultra Music Festival after several years away to re-energize and find new balance in his life.  The Dutch producer and DJ has been on the road, celebrating his return and REBELS NEVER DIE album era with brand new music and live show, and he recently made his one and only stop of 2022 to Ibiza for a special performance at Ushuaïa.

Part of Hardwell’s 2019 decision to step back from the spotlight and take a brief hiatus dealt with the physical and emotional toll of being on the road throughout the year.  This new mindset and outlook certainly helps explain why Hardwell is only making one stop on Ibiza for the 2022 season.  He discusses the stresses and how the changes have been positive for himself here:

“It’s tough sometimes, especially when you’re doing 200 flights a year,” Hardwell recalled. “I’m really happy that I brought it down to—not kidding—I think I’m doing 30 or 35 shows this year. And I’m really happy with finding that balance between being here at home in Holland with my studio work and being back on the road.”

Knowing this, Hardwell, a former #1 DJ in the world, wasn’t going to let down the fans gathered at Ushuaïa when he stepped on stage.  The hour and half plus performance packs in all the energy and excitement that make’s him the main stage icon that he has grown to be.  Armed with over a dozen new singles, that will at some point be collected together for his forthcoming REBELS NEVER DIE album, Hardwell seamlessly mixed together music old and new to excite those gathered for the event.  While Hardwell will not be returning to Ibiza this year, the REBELS NEVER DIE World Tour will be continuing on through the fall with stops throughout the world.  Check out the full itinerary here and get tickets now.  In the meantime, enjoy the full Ibiza performance below.


Image Credit: Rukes.com