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House Music Essentials Vol.1 Featuring €URO TRA$H, Ry Hill, Sivz, &friends
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House Music Essentials Vol.1 Featuring €URO TRA$H, Ry Hill, Sivz, &friends

Home Uncategorized House Music Essentials Vol.1 Featuring €URO TRA$H, Ry Hill, Sivz, &friends

Introducing our newest monthly series, We Rave You is excited to present the first edition of our House Music Essentials highlighting the very brightest house music producers making their own waves in the music industry. This month includes Yellow Claw’s house alias €URO TRA$H, Los Angeles-based artist Ry Hill, Vancouver-based artist Sivz, and New York-based musician &friends.

When one thinks of house music, a few names immediately come to mind who are making their own waves in the music industry and revolutionizing the beauty of house music one groovy, yet electrifying beat at a time. Introducing the very first edition of our House Music Essentials, volume one includes top-tier artists EURO TRA$H, Ry Hill, Sivz, and &friends.


Recently playing at Club Warp in Tokyo,  Yellow Claw’s house and techno alias €URO TRA$H belongs in those underground warehouse parties where one loses track of all time and becomes one with the music. With a grueling backdrop of bass-infused kick drums and enticing vocals in their recent single “B€NZ,” the dancefloor is about to be going off with this one. An infectious bassline that only gets filthier and groovier throughout the track, €URO TRA$H incorporates the use of slow-tempo chimes and prolonged frequencies to craft a club-ready banger that is about to be rinsed at clubs and festivals across the globe. Listen to the fill track below. Warning, this one is highly addictive to the eardrums.

Ry Hill – “Forever” Radio Edit

Continuing to expand his horizons and satisfy his global audience of listeners, Ry Hill is a name that consistently delivers house music masterpieces and we are all here for it. From his energetic remix of “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” to even rinsing out a drum and bass remix of Justin Bieber’s “Peaches,” this talented artist is only getting warmed up. Now, his edit of “Forever” is an immediate crowd pleaser as echos of vocals and reverberating basslines take over. A truly emotive, yet dance-floor-ready tune, Ry Hill takes it one notch further as soulful vocals, uplifting synths, and a filthy bassline keep listeners grooving all night long. Easily one of our favorite tunes to be played on repeat this summer, Ry Hill is making his own waves and we cannot wait for his album debut soon. Be sure to listen to the track below and stay updated with the talented artist here as he continues to revolutionize house music one groovy beat at a time.

Sivz – “True Colours” ft. Tinywiings 

Sivz is an artist who has passion and dedication to her craft like no other. With the natural ability to take full control of the crowd with her experimental production style ranging from tech-house and more, this Vancouver-based artist is only getting warmed up. After playing iconic festivals such as Shambhala and Bass Coast while also releasing on labels such as Monstercat, Westwood X, and many more, Sivz is a producer who will give you what you want and what you did not know you needed on the dancefloor. Recently playing an energetic set to get the crowd grooving all evening before Lee Foss took the stage at Celebrities Nightclub, Sivz is truly one of a kind as she flawlessly shifts levels to keep all attendees dancing no matter what time of the day it is. With her energizing sound design and vocal melodies infused, her recent tune “True Colours” featuring Tinywiings, is easily one of the top tracks on our playlist this year. Launching off with a fusion of slow-tempo chords and a series of up-tempo drum claps that craft the perfect bounce, soothing vocals draw listeners into Sivz’s eclectic production elements. Immediately feeling a sense of euphoria throughout this stargazing collaboration, a high-pitched vocal sample flows immaculately with a smooth backdrop of subtle basslines and drum signatures. Listen to the track below and be sure to update that playlist with this dancefloor heater.

&friends – “Ode Ireti” ft. eL Jay & Oluwadamvic

Following the striking success of the project’s inaugural single, Sean Thomas also known as &friends celebrates the release of his sophomore single “Ode Ireti” featuring eL Jay & Oluwadamvic. Drawing the breadth of his inspiration for these musical works from the African Diaspora, Thomas had the vision to create a project embodying tradition, culture, and community culminating in the coining of &friends. Across the duration of the track, sultry chords and melody overlay a dynamic percussive production. A majestic single indeed, enticing vocals and enchanting chants weave across the afro-house foundation. This one is about to be a summer classic. Even better, 10% of proceeds from streaming royalties accumulated across &friends releases will be donated to Uganda-based charitable foundation Masaka Kids Africana. Empowering local cultures and giving back to the homes of the voices his music celebrates, &friends intention goes beyond the music it releases.

Image Credit: Rukes.com

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