Modskull unveil eclectic new single ‘Upside Down’ feat. Norah B: Listen

Taking listeners on a musical journey like no other, Modskull have just unveiled their latest single, in the form of ‘Upside Down.’ Elevating the track to a different dimension, singer/songwriter Norah B delivers the most eclectic of vocals, making this single one for the ages.

Looking to leave their own mark within the electronic dance industry, Modskull have just blessed us all with the most eclectic of releases, entitled ‘Upside Down.’ Implementing their signature sound throughout, this fast-rising duo is more than set on taking our scene by storm, with each release further indicating the undeniable musical prowess that they possess. Taking listeners on a musical journey like no other, this certified hit will have anyone feeling some type of way, whilst the soothing vocals courtesy of singer/songwriter Norah B, elevate the track to a different dimension.

Having gained the support of some of the biggest names within our community, as well as releasing their track(s) on well-renowned record labels, Modskull redefine electronic music with each of their productions, as their versatile nature becomes further evident through their ability of creating tracks of various genres, including trap to electro, and bass house to pure festival anthems. Leaving us all in awe with this latest release, ‘Upside Down’ is the epitome of a track that will entice even the toughest of crowds, whilst its up-lifting aura, also ensures the absolute of grooves for anyone lucky enough to get their hands on this masterpiece of a production.

Out now under Ørjan Nilsen’s record label, IMO Music, ‘Upside Down’ is destined for nothing other than the very top of the charts, and we are all for it. Acting as yet another stepping stone towards the prosperous career that lays ahead, Modskull are more than set on following success with each of their endeavors, and trust us when we say, this multifaceted duo will continue to enhance their presence as time progresses. With this said, we will most definitely be also keeping a close eye on Modskull and all their future releases, but for the time being, be sure to check out ‘Upside Down’ in all its glory below, with streaming also available through all major platforms here. Enjoy!

Image Credit: Modskull (Press)

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