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ROCKI and BNB Chain launch global search for next sensation

ROCKI and BNB Chain are kicking off a contest to find the next viral sensation.  The competition is part of a growing trend to incorporate web3 and blockchain technology with music to create new outlets for artists as well as find creative ways to connect directly with fans. Submit your track here.

The newly announced competition will be open until August 31st, 2022, and the creators are encouraging anyone and everyone, no matter their stature or experience in the industry, to submit their music for consideration.  Bjorn Niclas, the co-founder and CEO of ROCKI states:

It’s not just for professional musicians. Anyone can participate and submit their songs; that’s why it’s so inclusive and unpredictable. Who knows what
incredible talent is out there waiting to be discovered.”

The contest is especially unique as the winner will not be chosen by a formal panel of judges, but rather by a digital algorithm created by HITLAB, the Music Digital Nuance Analysis tool, or DNA, as it’s known, will analyze 100 finalists to pick a winner.  The technology will asses the song’s hit potential as well as the quality of the vocal in making it’s determination of a winner.   HITLAB’s CEO and President, Michel Zgarka had this to say about the technology and competition:

“We’re very excited to be partnering with the leading music NFT platform, ROCKI, and BNBChain in this exciting song showcase. Using our patented and
proprietary DNA tool, we’ll be able to predict the song submissions hit potential and leverage current trends in the music industry.”

For those interested in the competition, as well as a shot at $10,000 and a record deal, the full details of how to enter can be found on ROCKI’s website.  It will no doubt be a fun project as singers and songwriters will need to utilize the phrase, “on BNB Chain and ROCKI, music meets the blockchain!” into their works for their submission to be considered.  Good luck to everyone!


Photo by Techivation on Unsplash