Solomun at EXIT Festival by Jelena Ivanovic

Solomun gives a dark spin to Golden Features’ ‘Touch’: Listen

The latest offer from Golden FeaturesTouch’ gets a satisfying pitched-down version by modern maestro Solomun.

There is something very magical about the art of designing remixes. It’s like cooking the same dish but with a different recipe. The magnificence increases even more when the concept of the original track is respected and expanded, multiplying its flavour. That’s exactly what happened when Solomun was recruited to sprinkle his dark and melodic touch on Golden Features’ 2022 single ‘Touch’, out now via ODESZA‘s label Foreign Family Collective.

After around two years of hiatus, Australian DJ and music producer Golden Features has returned to solo releases with ‘Touch’. This tender and melodic offering followed his 2018 debut album ‘SECT‘ and BRONSON, the 2020 collaborative project with acclaimed duo ODESZA. Featuring the sparkling vocals of vocalist Rromarin, ‘Touch’ embodies Golden Features’ elegant shift from his usual sound: more tech-infused, more modern, progressive and melodic. ‘Touch’ recaptures the brilliance that Golden Features achieved in 2020, a brilliance that reflects not only his golden mask but his precious journey. Now, about a month after hitting the release charts, ‘Touch’ gets a ripe, darker version by Bosnian-German legend Solomun, who turns it into a slow-burning heater.

Solomun condensed the atmosphere of the original, making the air thinner and the light tighter. If the original was already a little ode to German club spirit, Solomun has injected it with clubbing steroids to make it so melodic and torrid, that it can run down the walls and speakers of the hottest venues. Moody and airy synths take command of this sharp, uplifting melody. The vocals have been pitched down, softened and coated, becoming one of the sensual layers of ‘Touch’.

This tender rendition of Solomun arrives on the tail of Golden Features’ North America Tour which includes support for ODESZA on August 11 and 12 in Los Angeles. It is a track that will surely be heard at the artist’s club stops as well.

Image Credit: Jelena Ivanovic