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The best types of music to listen to while playing online casinos

Music is a companion for many people. It can accompany a range of activities, it can exist in the background as a comfort blanket, and it is used to express both great joy and great sadness. Yes, it has many uses and is enjoyed in multiple ways all around the world, but the focus of this post is its use when playing in the online casino arena. Read on to find out what types of music you should be listening to while visiting an online casino and why.

What are Online Casinos?

As it sounds, an online casino is a complete e-platform that displays all the traditional casino games. What sets them apart is their complete online functioning and the addition of thousands upon thousands of online graphics based gambling games. Wagers can be made, just like in a physical casino building, and winnings can be withdrawn too. For a good idea of what is out there, check out this list of Online Casinos UK based companies. These are some of the best options out there.

How Does Music Affect Concentration?

Of course, poker, and other casino style games require a certain level of concentration. So, when it comes to the relationship between listening to music during other types of recreational activity in this context, what is the correlation? Music affects people’s concentration in different ways depending on how the brain functions. Some thrive with background music, some need it to focus and some need absolute silence in order to gain a thought trajectory. Music can aid concentration subtly or directly.

The Best Genres for Online Casino Play

To be successful and have fun while playing online games on a casino site, requires a certain set of skills, including:

  1. Concentration
  2. Adaptability
  3. Graciousnous in defeat
  4. Impulsiveness
  5. Ability to thrive under pressure
  6. Ability to make quick decisions
  7. Ability to navigate risk vs reward lines of thinking

Taking all this into consideration, there are five core genres that fit complementarily alongside this kind of gameplay. These are classical music, techno/trance/dance, chart/pop music, power ballads, and the not-necessarily-music option, white noise.

Classical Music

Classical music is renowned for its relaxation properties, but it is also adept at enabling concentration and focusing the mind. Depending on which line of music is being listened to, different tunes can be played to suit different moods. There is a strong link between classical music and the release of dopamine into the brain which is a proven stress buster and a natural consequence of this is a greater ability to focus on the task at hand. Other benefits include increased memory ability, creativity, and reduced anxiety.

Chart Music/Pop Music

If you have ever visited an online gambling site, you will have noticed by now that there tends to be an inclination towards using pop music, or chart music stylings on the homepage and as game introductions. The tempo, melody, and engagement inspiration are all key factors for enticing players further into the platform and keeping them playing. The psychology behind this is simple.

  1. Just like in a physical exercise arena like a gymnasium, pop style music encourages and motivates players. It is upbeat which means positive emotions flow and the feeling of optimism comes to the forefront of the brain. This in turn returns higher engagement levels and players who may perhaps take another round when they otherwise wouldn’t.
  2. Music generally makes a site feel more authentic and credible. This is a natural encouragement model used by many of these companies to draw players in and cause an initial response reaction that then encourages further browsing to take place.

Of course, you can always mute the site if you work better with an alternative genre. While it remains a firm favourite for pumping up excitement and getting people in the mood for fun, it is a bit too catchy to support concentration in a high pressure situation.

White Noise

White noise, while not music, is still important to mention on this list. White noise or brown noise is anything that is otherwise seen as background noise and is scientifically proven to aid relaxation, bust stress, and support concentration in many different aspects. Good examples of white noise style audio are raindrops and storm sounds, vacuum and hairdryer, and ocean or water sounds. When it is played, the brain is more able to drown out other distracting noises and focus concentration on the current task and limit thoughts being interrupted.

Techno, Trance, and Dance

Much like pop music, techno has a strong beat or tempo. The rhythmic stylings of this music genre act as a metronome for the mind, of sorts. The natural nuance of how the music comes together translates into enabling thought pattern order. Techno, trance, dance, and even MC music are all great for supporting thought trajectory (when not blasted out at full volume!). It is not as distracting as you might think.

Aside from this benefit, the beat inspires the release of endorphins which can make the brain feel more awake, and more motivated generally. So, in terms of sitting down and engaging in a high stakes game of poker or blackjack, techno, etc., might be one of the best accompaniments to have playing in the background to boost the brain and help you stay more focused.

Power Ballads

Power ballads, all in all, are quite epic. Big guitars, powerful vocals with strong lyrics, dramatic delivery – all the perfect ingredients. This epic-ness translates into a general rallying of morale, motivation, and energy in terms of following through on a commitment, studying, and thinking, and general concentration.

Final Thoughts

The relationship between our minds and the ways that music is able to affect them is a heavily researched topic. There are many intonations that make for interesting reading and enable a better sense of understanding of how the mind works under pressure and in demanding situations such as playing online games where the stakes are higher than normal.

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