TikTok files trademark for ‘TikTok Music’

TikTok could be the host of the next massive new streaming platform after a trademark application for ‘TikTok Music’ was filed on May 9th.

TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance officially filed the application and states that the streaming platform will be more “social-driven” and will enable live streamed audio – much like Apple Music, or Spotify.  As anyone who has social media can attest to, TikTok has become the most popular new social media platform to which people are discovering new music and perhaps rehashing oldie favorites, such as the 1971 classic ‘Love Grows’ by Edison Lighthouse which served as the background music for hundreds of millions of TikToks, giving this track a spike in streams for the first time in nearly 50 years.

TikTok has become so influential in how users are consuming their music, that artists are now licensing their tracks to be used within the app, which combines the “social” aspect of the music streaming industry.  It’s unclear whether or not ‘TikTok Music’ will directly compete with Spotify or Apple Music, however, it will surely shake up streaming platforms.

The news of this new venture comes after TikTok launched SoundOn, a network that gives the modern artist a chance to upload their music directly to both Tiktok and the new music service Resso

We’re excited to see how the new TikTok trademark and the always-evolving streaming service industry will unfold.

Image Credit: Unsplash via @solenfeyissa