Will Sparks ignites festival season with ‘Come With Me’: Listen

Continuing to evolve his sound even further, the legend Will Sparks has returned to Spinnin’ Records for his massive release of ‘Come With Me’ to rinse out this festival season. The energy cannot be contained with this one and we are all here for it.

Contagious energy, erupting basslines, and hard-hitting signatures. All these elements just come naturally to Will Sparks as he continues to revolutionize the music industry one energetic beat at a time. A man of many talents indeed. He has proven to explore several different genres and craft his own signature forward-thinking sound which listeners cannot get enough of. An immediate crowd pleaser both on and off the decks, Will Sparks is a name we trust to take his music and live performances to the next level. Easily satisfying his audience with enticing tunes such as ‘LSD’ and ‘Say It Again,’ there is no stopping Will Sparks as he returns to Spinnin’ Records for another hit release ‘Come With Me.’ Warning, this tune is highly addictive once played.

Launching off with elements of distorted vocals, prolonge frequencies, and an eerie backdrop, Will Sparks is only providing a taste of what is it come. Entering a heavy build-up, Will Sparks takes us into his world of fast-tempo soundscapes and futuristic instrumentals to get the crowd moving no matter what time of the day it is. The ideal track to ignite the festival season and push the crowd to the limits, the legend has once again not disappointed us with another massive tune.

Listen to ‘Come With Me’ below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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