Alan Walker

Alan Walker and Trevor Daniel come together for new single, ‘Extremes’: Listen

Alan Walker has released his newest single, ‘Extremes,’ which sees him teaming up with singer/ songwriter Trevor Daniel for an emotionally gripping musical journey. The single comes amidst a massive year for the Norwegian producer and DJ as he continues his Walkerverse World Tour as well as an album release of the same name, which saw part 1 dropping back in June of this year.

For ‘Extremes,’ Walker opens the track with a simple piano melody, allowing Trevor Daniel to carry the opening with his smooth yet powerful vocal delivery. As the track opens up, and the percussion comes in, listeners get further sucked into the “oowhoa’s” of Daniel before the track changes up, with a heavily distorted and affected vocal sitting atop of a deep bass line, which signifies the heaviness of the subject matter as well as the diversity of the production Walker is willing to utilize to create his sonic landscapes. It’s a unique turn, but it’s depths makes the return of the full production and chorus that much more exciting and uplifting for the listener. The drop showcases a full complement of percussion, synths, bass and vocals, a massive sing along that will also ensure the dance floor is in full motion throughout whenever Alan Walker unleashes it upon audiences around the world.

Lyrically, the song plays well on the concept of extremes, and lyrics like, “I’m always running on the wire, I’m terrified of peace and quiet, I’m always running on the wire, I fall in love in the middle of the riot,” perfectly capture the emotion of the music. While the refrain of Daniel singing, “extremes” over and over, will no doubt sound beautiful with the chorus of a full audience backing him up, it’s the line of, “I don’t need to be saved, I’m a fucking renegade” that audiences may be shouting the loudest.

Watch the official music video below, and stream it on various platforms here.

Image Credit: Stian Andersen / Provided by press