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Armin van Buuren enlists AI technology for new single ‘Computers Take Over the World’: Listen

Armin van Buuren collaborates with numerous futuristic AI tech for brand new single ‘Computers Take Over the World’, what is described as a world’s first.

Dutch DJ and producer Armin van Buuren has always been ahead of the game, whether it be his vibrant visuals at shows or industry-leading sound, the DJ always manages to set the tone within the world of electronic music. Now in what is described as a world first, Armin van Buuren works with leading AI technology on his brand new single ‘Computers Take Over the World’, which is out now on his own label of Armada.

Premiering the track at EDC Las Vegas, ‘Computers Take Over the World’ features a robotic voice throughout, the humourous and somewhat tongue-in-cheek track essentially teases the listener with a step-to-step guide on how to create a great electronic track, with fierce backbeats and a festival-ready sound. It’s undoubtedly catchy with a string of intoxicating claps, snares sprinkled into the production. Armin himself talks more about the lyricism and how it came together by stating:

“The lyrics for ‘Computers Take over The World’ were actually created by playing around with the voice assistant on my laptop. I was amused by how things would sound when read by that robotic voice and thought it would be fun to create a silly song about how computers can do almost anything nowadays.”

Armin enlisted a number of AI assistance tools for the entire process such as Stable Diffusion which was behind creating the album’s artwork, to OpenAI Playground and the Munch App for press and social media aspects, all to highlight our dependence on computers and how this may soon be our reality. The Deforum Notebook was responsible for the lyric video creation that you can check out on YouTube above, with the track begin able to listen on Spotify below or on your streaming platform of choice here.

Image Credit: Armin van Buuren / Daniel J Ashes (via Press)

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