Armin van Buuren at Ushuaïa Ibiza 2022

Armin van Buuren releases new single ‘Live On Love’ with Diane Warren and My Marianne

Armin van Buuren has continued his steady output of music in 2022 with his most recent release, Live On Love, which sees him teaming up with Dianne Warren and My Marianne for the single.  The release sees the A State Of Trance star continuing the rollout of music for his three part album series, Feel Again.

For Armin van Buuren, he has not been shy about teaming up with a variety of singers and producers for his recent output, including a massive collaboration with Gareth Emery featuring vocals from Owl City as well as his most recent track, which utilized AI technology to help create the single Computers Take Over The World.  For his latest release, Armin van Buuren and Diane Warren create a fun landscape of synths, bass and percussion that continues to show the growth and willingness to explore genres beyond trance and utilize elements of house and beyond to craft new music and forge a new path for an already legendary career.  The vocals come in early and only grow in power and presence as the track builds from the verse to the drops sections.  Right from the start, the vocal melody offers listeners a bounce and energy to walks the line well between a dance track and meaningful pop top line.  As the track moves forward, with elements being inserted and removed for affect and to create tension and intrigue, the vocal builds to its chorus, proclaiming, “We can live on love, survive on this feeling, cause this loves enough, we can live on love.”  It’s a gorgeous refrain that feels immediate and necessary in the world today.  For the final push, the music continues to grow and the vocal opens up, continue to repeat the lines but with increased energy, nuance and power, building to a strong finish.  For Armin van Buuren, he is showing that taking risks and growing as a producer and songwriter can be fun for him and his fans as well.