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Boris Brejcha delivers high-tech perfection with ‘Club Vibes Part. 2’: Listen

Boris Brejcha returns to Harthouse with the second part of his ‘Club Vibes‘ EP series.

15 years ago, when the now ultra-famous masked artist was only 25 years old, Harthouse released his first EP. This year, and already after the incredible climb that places him today at the highest levels of the circuit, Boris Brejcha returns to this label with a set of six EPs in a series called ‘Club Vibes’. The first part was released in July and Part. 2 arrives now, with two brand new and interesting tracks.

Boris Brejcha’s productions stand out not only for the strong sonic signatures that the techno producer imprints on his tracks but also for always presenting them with an original name that is never chosen at random. This is another example where the title of the tracks serves them perfectly.

The first one takes you to the animal kingdom, right in the centre of the realm of tiny, frenetic, hardworking animals: the bees. ‘Bumblebee’ has a steady rhythm that slowly calls you into a restrained but lively dance. Although the layers are bright and extroverted, the tone of the track remains serene and steady, like the routine of a hard-working bee. The synths and sounds typical of Brejcha are a constant in this track that pollinates dark and gratifying energy.

Next comes ‘Jawbreaker‘ with all the ingredients capable of tensing any skeleton. Ditching the relative peace brought by the predecessor, this track is more edgy, heated and immersive. The sounds are dense and penetrating, bringing emotions from the inside out. The layers bring more metallic and elastic sonorities that mesmerize along with the sharp patterns. A mysterious voice comes in to whisper, bringing some terror and suspense to the mix.

These are two very distinct tracks that fully accomplish their mission of representing Boris Brejcha’s club vibes. In addition to the digital release available now on the usual platforms via Harthouse, two limited vinyl editions pressed in black and red are also on pre-sale. Grab your copies here and enjoy this beautiful ‘Club Vibes Part. 2‘ below:

Image Credit: Boris Brejcha Press / Provided by Measure PR UK