Carl Cox

Carl Cox and Franky Wah team up to ‘See the Sun Rising’: Listen

Carl Cox and Franky Wah collide again to produce one of the extracts from the upcoming ‘Electronic Generations‘.

When the release list brings Carl Cox and Franky Wah together in the same item, one is left wondering whether it’s curiosity or excitement that makes you seek out the track immediately. The biggest satisfaction is that the result is always worth it. ‘See the Sun Rising’ is not the first but the second collaboration between these two techno talents. Last year Carl Cox and Franky Wah crossed their skills in the studio to create ‘We Are One‘. Now, they prove again that they are a divine mix in this new single already available on the usual download and streaming platforms.

Next month the king of techno Carl Cox will release ‘Electronic Generations’ via BMG, his first studio album in over a decade. Since the announcement of the album’s arrival fans have been receiving a few snippets of the album in droves, and now joining that list is the beautiful ‘See the Sun Rising’. On the road that led them to cross paths once again, Franky Wah reveals:

‘I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with Carl on a record prior to this one so to work on a second track is just a testament to how smooth the writing process between us is. I visited his home last year and he mentioned he had an album coming out but I had no idea he’d ask me to be a part of it so when the opportunity came, I was honoured. He sent through a handful of ideas but the melody and the song name ‘See The Sun Rising’ really clicked with me. (…) I think the record is a perfect combination of both mine and Carl’s underground sound. Fast pumping drums and bass lines Carl is known for and the euphoric breakdowns that I’d like to think I’m known for also. This record is definitely for that peak time moment when the crowd is ready to go on a proper journey.’

This track does not end with this description, however perfect it may be. The rhythm is hallucinating yet inviting, like an open door on a fast train heading who knows where. Although led by a fierce percussion, there is room for the melody that draws so sublime and elegant a perfect and mature build up. The quality of this production is evident every minute, with the energy and the firm way it grabs those who listen to it being noteworthy. It’s a track to dance to non-stop, with a timeless and refreshingly mature flavour, doing justice to the concept of ‘Electronic Generations’. Sit back and ‘See the Sun Rising’ below:


Image Credit: Carl Cox / Provided by Measure PR UK