Alan Fitzpatrick

Alan Fitzpatrick joins forces with Rebūke to deliver floor filler ‘Nice & Cool Trigga’: Listen

Alan Fitzpatrick & Rebūke land at Patrick Topping‘s imprint to distribute club-friendly energy com ‘Nice & Cool Trigga

On a winning team, you shouldn’t mess around, which is why it’s always a cause for great excitement to see the likes of Alan Fitzpatrick and Rebūke together. These techno heavyweights combine their dark magic to cook up another floor filler tune. ‘Nice & Cool Trigga’ is available through the usual platforms via Patrick Topping’s Trick.

Back in 2020, Fitzpatrick and Rebūke had already combined their skills in the forceful creation ‘Ultimate Distortion‘, now it’s time for them to join forces again and set dance floors ablaze with a frenetic and euphoric techno track. ‘Nice & Cool Trigga’ arrives on the first day of autumn on this side of the world, but with the promise of raising the temperature again.

We Are The Brave label boss Alan Fitzpatrick is one of the most prominent figures in contemporary techno, but an artist who is not afraid to innovate and jump over musical genres. His genius and creativity make his track solid and pounding, as does the rhythm of his creations. No less rhythmic is Rebūke, a Drumcode regular who mesmerises with his energising productions.

‘Nice & Cool Trigga’ sounds like just another techno track with its kick patterns in the first few seconds, but immediately surprises with the inclusion of vibrant breakbeats. In a pristine and brilliant way, this track combines the firm dryness of the kick with the urban rhythm of the breakbeats, resulting in something magical. This dance cut is extremely dynamic, as stirring as the dance it invites to happen. It’s perfect for echoing off the walls of the best venues and is sure to be heard a lot this club season.

‘Nice & Cool Trigga’ comes to you along with a rendition from Big Miz who doesn’t disappoint on his remix duties.

Welcome autumn with the breakneck power of ‘Nice & Cool Trigga’. Press play below:

Image Credit: Press / Courtesy of Insomniac