Flume and Chrome Sparks team up with Sycco for ‘Ripple’: Listen

Australia is bringing unbelievable electronic music to the forefront – singer-songwriter and producer Sycco has teamed up with Flume and Chrome Sparks to bring an unprecedented record, ‘Ripple’.

Whilst it has a solid foundation of drum and bass, ‘Ripple’ will most definitely take you on a journey down many different genre routes. For an artist at only twenty years of age to be collaborating with the likes of Flume is a phenomenal achievement and we can only expect that Sycco will continue to rise. We already know this in part; she’s set to support Tame Impala and Dua Lipa in the coming months, and next year in February she’ll line up with the likes of HaimJoji and Fred again.. on the Laneway Festival line-up.

In a recent press release, Flume and Sycco go into depth about how ‘Ripple’ came about:

“I was doing a session in LA with Sarah Aarons, based off an idea I’d been working on with Jeremy [Chrome Sparks] – Sarah suggested bringing a friend in, who turned out to be Sash [Sycco] who I didn’t know at the time. The song came together really quickly, then Sash re-tracked some vocals in her Brisbane studio and I spent some time tweaking it back at my place in the Northern Rivers in Australia.” – Flume

“It’s such a beautiful environment of synths and drums that evoke such a nice feeling of ease but also discomfort at points. Everything about this song is addictive so it was really easy to create the world around it lyrically.” – Sycco

‘Ripple’ has copped monumental support from Spotify, having been added into Breaking Hits, New Music Friday Dance and Electrending playlists. At the time of writing, it’s amassed over 50,000 streams; we can’t wait to see this number climb.

You can stream ‘Ripple’ by Sycco, Flume and Chrome Sparks on Spotify down below, or you can click here for the official lyric visualiser. Please be sure to let us know your thoughts!

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