Home Uncategorized Hardwell finalizes the release of his new album ‘Rebels Never Die’: Listen
Hardwell finalizes the release of his new album ‘Rebels Never Die’: Listen
Hardwell Tomorrowland 2022
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Hardwell finalizes the release of his new album ‘Rebels Never Die’: Listen

Home Uncategorized Hardwell finalizes the release of his new album ‘Rebels Never Die’: Listen

After a long wait and constant Friday releases, Hardwell‘s new album ‘Rebels Never Die’ is out and complete. The exploration of this new version of the Dutch star reveals more than just the artist’s new musical identity and tells a story on outside perception and expectations.

The 14-track masterpiece by Hardwell titled ‘Rebels Never Die’ is finally complete and was finished off with a banger. The epic journey through Hardwell’s newly discovered sound reached catharsis with a title which reminds us of the motto of the album. The cinematic synths and powerful drops give us a glimpse of what drove Robbert to this sound – the future sounds like an exciting place to look forward to when listeners get a taste of future techno. But the album is far more than a new genre for Robbert.


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The album started with Robbert’s monologue breaking all perceptions the world had of him in ‘Broken Mirror’, shattering any illusions of his character before he reveals his true self, with no compromises to societal expectations. It was truly a journey ‘Into The Unknown’, like the second track is called, which now sits as the most played track of this album on Spotify. ‘Rebels Never Die’ has gone a long way from his 2015 album ‘United We Are,’ which helped build the reputation and sound we were all familiar with and learned to expect from the Dutch producer. His four year hiatus was broken with a surprise closing set at Ultra Miami 2022 in which he laid out a teaser of his new album to the stunned crowd which got far more than they expected from the secret headliner. ‘Dopamine’ and ‘I Feel Like Dancing’ contrast the deep messaging of ‘Mind Control’ and ‘F*cking Society’, which is in tune with multifaceted nature we often are expected to ignore when perceiving celebrities and artists.

The idea of an artist persona is slowly becoming outdated and tiresome to many, as artists like Hardwell blur the line between the public image and the internal world out of desire to fully express themselves. Change is one constant in our human life, but is one of the most difficult to manage aspects of a highly successful creative career. Hardwell nailed it this time, and refusing to compromise and stick with the narrative is what resulted in creation of one of the, if not the best work he’s done in his career.

“My 2nd studio album is out today, what a journey it has been. Since I took my sabbatical, I knew I wanted to create a new refreshing sound. Been producing for hours and hours, days and days, and after 3 years the album was done. A full solo album, produced, mixed, mastered by yours truly. This is by far my most personal music I’ve ever made. I’ve put my heart and soul into this project, and I truly hope you will love it as much as I do!”, said Robbert in an Instagram post.

If you still haven’t, be sure to explore through the personal journey of Hardwell and his new fully released album ‘Rebels Never Die’ down below, or stream it here along with a purchase of a limited edition vinyl.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland

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