Oliver Heldens

HI-LO returns to Drumcode with explosive banger ‘WANNA GO BANG’: Listen

WANNA GO BANG‘ is a collaboration with DJ Deeon and a glorious return of HI-LO to Drumcode.

Since its inception, HI-LO – the techno alias of Oliver Heldens – has only played high cards. Always armed with unshakable strength and power, HI-LO is one of the strongest players in techno today, showing his expertise in his DJ sets and the studio. Apart from appearing on the billboards of the biggest festivals in the world, he adorns the release charts of bangers of nuclear proportions, as is the case of this latest one. Lately, his productions have danced between Reinier Zonneveld‘s Filth on Acid and Adam Beyer‘s Drumcode, and ‘WANNA GO BANG’ has found its home in the latter. HI-LO made his Drumcode debut about a year ago with the powerful two-tracker ‘Hypnos‘, having since contributed with a rendition of ‘Restore My Soul‘ by Adam Beyer and DJ Rush. Now, the talented producer returns with the explosive ‘WANNA GO BANG’, which will arrive as an EP on October 7th, including ‘LOKOMOTIF‘, another techno banger.

This new single results from HI-LO’s mastery and counts an extra talent, DJ Deeon. Considered by many the creator of ghetto house, DJ Deeon, aka Debo G, has a very strong background and shares a raw club culture, making him a precious addition in the production of a track as solid as this new single.

The beat is strong and assertive, causing an echo that lingers in the room and your ears. The vocals don’t take long to mesmerise you, like a confession that says, ‘Sometimes I feel like I wanna go bang‘. The truth is, the voice and all the layers that encapsulate it are compelling to the point where you really want to go bang. Despite decking out the industrial and raw, metallic sounds characteristic of techno, ‘WANNA GO BANG’ offers a few moments of slightly more organic percussion. While you get distracted by the top-notch sounds, the intertwining melodies continue to contort themselves in the background, offering an immersive, complete and engaging experience.

Having heard this gem in HI-LO’s sets, it’s time to have it around, always and whenever you feel like going bang. Listen to it below:

Image Credit: Romy Treebusch / Provided by Listen-Up PR