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Nora En Pure delivers majestic set during Purified showcase at Malkin Bowl [Event Review]


Concluding the summer on the brightest and most emotive note, Nora En Pure delivered a truly majestic set alongside Return of the Jaded and Rylan Taggart. At the beautiful Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park, the Purified showcase event was an early evening to remember and one for the books.

Making its long-awaited return to Canada, Nora En Pure’s Purified was a celebration to end off the summer on the brightest note. With melodic house and club-ready elements, Purified Vancouver was a spectacular evening that showcased sets from the legend Nora En Pure, as well as label favorites and special guests. Entering the beautiful Malkin Bowl venue which is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, you could tell the vast majority of attendees have been life-long fans and the community felt stronger than ever right from the start.

As Rylan Taggart and Return of the Jaded warmed the evening up with a series of eclectic beats and stargazing instrumentals, all the good vibes were flowing in the air and we could not be happier on the dancefloor. As Nora En Pure prepared to take over the crowd with her electrifying production style, the crowd could not be contained as they were moving and grooving to tunes such as ‘Infinite Meadow’ by Township Rebellion and of course her classic tunes. Grabbing a glass of wine or beer and listening to their favorite artist, attendees were smiling throughout the venue surrounded by the forest and it was a memory that cannot be forgotten.

“Only waited 3 years for this. LOVED last night thank you!!!”  – Nora En Pure

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