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Porter Robinson iconic EP ‘Spitfire’ on Skrillex’s label OWSLA turns 11 years old

11 years ago, the world was introduced to OWSLA in the form of the Skrillex-fronted label’s first release, Porter Robinson EP ‘Spitfire.’ For both, it was the start of important, career-making journeys.

On this month 11 years ago – 13 September 2011 to be exact – multiple important journeys in the electronic scene were started. For the then upcoming producer Porter Robinson, it was a monumental release in the form of his debut EP ‘Spitfire,’ and for Skrillex it was the start of his label OWSLA, with this being the first release.

Porter Robinson and the OWSLA boss have since enjoyed a long-standing friendship as two of the most influential producers of our time, and it all started here. Back then, Robinson was still a no-name, 19 years old with everything ahead of him. At that stage in his music career, his music style was ‘Worlds‘ away from his debut album and its follow up, ‘Nurture.’ Although completely different, fans still love listening back to this body of work, as both a reminder of how far he has come and just how ahead of the time those tracks were back then. The five years of OWSLA video, below, features Porter talking about the release, uploaded back in 2016.

‘Spitfire’,’ in a way. gave us a sneak peek into what was to come for Porter Robinson in the future. Of course, most of it is heavily dubstep-centred, but tracks such as ‘Vandalism‘ with Amba Shepherd and ‘The Seconds‘ with Jano showed us hints towards his euphoric, melodic side of his production abilities. On the other hand, though, there’s also fun and unforgettable tracks such as ‘100% in the Bitch,’ ‘Unison,’ ‘The State‘ and the EP’s namesake track. It’s also worth noting the impressive amount of big names that were roped in to produce official remixes, with Knife Party on remix duties for ‘Unison’ and Kill The Noise remixing ‘Spitfire’ to name a couple.

OWSLA may not have release anything for a while now as a label, but ‘Spitfire’ by Porter Robinson will always remain in our hearts. Take a nostalgia trip and listen to it in full below.

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