R3hab & VIZE join forces for new single, ‘One Last Time’: Listen

R3hab and the German duo, VIZE, have come together for the new single, One Last Time, with a vocal feature from singer Enny-Mae.  The collaboration is a massive coming together for the producers who’s history of global dance floor anthems and pop rhythms have dominated streaming platforms in recent years.

The single opens with Enny-Mae’s smooth, radio ready vocal delivered over a droning piano and measured snaps, allowing the listener to immediately fall in with the vocal while being pulled along by the limited musical elements below.  As the song continues, the piano begins a a flurry of 1/8 notes as the chorus approaches, instantly turning the energy up as the vocal line of, “We’re gonna dance through the night, with your hand right in mine, I’m gonna leave you behind, so let’s dance one last time,” a fun, catchy melody is undeniable and carries a bit of grit with the delivery.  From there, the mastery of R3hab and VIZE come through on the perfectly produced dance-pop drop section of the track.  The pounding kick underlays the lead which almost sounds like a horn, pulsing and driving forward, the only complaint is that like the single itself, the section is too short.  Just as it gets going, it ends.  At just 2 mins and 35 seconds, the drop is a mere 8 bars long, and the entire song seemingly ends just as it truly gets going.

For two artists that have over 10 billion combined streams, it is no surprise that One Last Time has all the energy and magic that it contains, as their productions and achievements have always been keen on ear candy for the listeners.  One Last Time is about, “…coming to terms with reality and choosing to act in the moment,” a great reminder that actions and decisions can have great consequences, but also that it’s important to follow your heart when doing so.


Image Credit: CYB3RPVNK / Provided by Unfolded PR