Robin Woods

Robin Woods teams up with Max Vermeulen and Okafuwa for ‘Better Than Me’: Listen

Robin Woods and Max Vermeulen have teamed up with vocalist Okafuwa for his newest release, Better Than Me, out now via Heartfeldt Records.  The result is a fun and well crafted single, full of good vibes, catchy top line and a production that is built for playlists, road trips and festival and club stages around the world.

Opening with an infectious lead from Robin Woods & Max, Okafuwa’s infectious vocal line quickly takes over while the lead continues over a light pad of chords and synths to create a an airy yet moving soundscape.  The track opens up when the opening lines of the chorus begin, providing a strong synth pad, before quickly reintroducing the verse lead as the power of the vocals increase, almost begging listeners to join in the refrain of, “I know you don’t want to hurt me, even though you left me lonely, is he the one that makes you feel better than me?  You don’t have to say you’re sorry, maybe we can write a different story, is he that one that makes you feel better than me?”  From here, the full tropical house vibes take over for the drop, unleashing an upbeat drop section, with catchy lead, huge bass hits and a repeat of the vocal hook to complete the production.  Discussing the creation and joy of creating the single, Robin Woods said:

Better Than Me” is inspired by the likes of Kygo, Sam Feldt, and Matoma mixed in with an original production of our own. The song came about after Heartfeldt pitched us the vocal which immediately sparked a tropical/summer vibe through which production got started immediately. The building blocks of the track is a harmonic layer supporting the vocals with a tropical hitting drop. To elevate the track to the next level, Max Vermeulen pitched in his own magic sauce creating the tune that it is today: a summer hit!

Although summer may be over for 2022, it’s clear that Robin Woods is looking to keep that energy alive through his music and productions.  Building upon his previous releases, Locked Up with Lulleaux, as well his remix of Lulleaux and Strobe’s single, Limbo, Woods is well poised to take over the music scene by next summer.


Image Credit: Robin Woods (Press)