Steff da Campo

Steff da Campo unites with Tom Budin & 2Crimes on massive new single, ‘The Opera House’: Listen

Steff da Campo, Tom Budin and 2Crimes joined forces with LexBlaze for the massive dance floor anthem, The Opera House.  The bass heavy anthem appeared via Spinnin Records in mid August but is sure to be a mainstay for playlists and performances for the foreseeable future.

For Steff da Campo, his rise in the electronic music has been growing over the years, with consistent production and versatile skill set that has been a staple of his releases.  Teaming up with Tom Budin and 2Crimes, the three producers combine for a massive sound, opening up with a vocal sample of an opera singer, the lead quickly comes in with LexBlaze’s vocal on top, creating a total vibe that is dark and cool and enchanting all at once.

The opening line of, “We about to slide don’t slip, are you ready for the ride don’t trip,  And she pass me by so quick, outfit nice she got so much drip,” just breathes an energy into the whole track that continues throughout.  By the time the drop hits, the bass taking over and the percussion driving the beat forward, it’s an infectious combination and clearly meant get the dance floor moving and put people on notice.

Steff da Campo discussed the joy of working with his fellow collaborators and the positive vibes he has received from audiences playing the track out even before its official release.

‘The Opera House is finally out! Been playing this one in all my sets. Really cool to collaborate with three different artists, all living in different places in the world. Fun fact: for the final touch of this record we worked together with an actual opera singer! It turned out very cool in my opinion, I hope everyone will play this one out loud!’

Check out this massive collaboration below or wherever you stream music now!


Image Credit: Steff da Campo (Press)