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Steve Aoki drops new album ‘HiROQUEST: Genesis’: Listen
Steve Aoki
Image Credit: Steve Aoki (Press)

Steve Aoki drops new album ‘HiROQUEST: Genesis’: Listen

Home Uncategorized Steve Aoki drops new album ‘HiROQUEST: Genesis’: Listen

Steve Aoki has released his latest album, ‘HiROQUEST: Genesis,’ which is full of exciting collaborations and is comprised of five unique story lines detailing individual factions. The initial CD release offered fans a collectible trading card with purchase that went out to 27,000 fans and each featured a different faction from the storyline.

After spending the better part of the last decade exploring his NEON FUTURE collection across four albums, ‘HiROQUEST: Genesis’ is his first complete collect since the fourth album of the previous series dropped in 2020. Written largely during the Covid-19 pandemic, Steve Aoki looked to utilize the music and story line to explore themes of angst, anxiety and pent-up energy. Teaming up with a wide variety of collaborators such as Taking Back Sunday, Kane Brown, Bruce Vine, Georgia Ki, and the recently deceased PnB Rock, to name a few, the album showcases a wide variety of styles and sounds to add to the already vast musical collection of Steve Aoki.

To further extrapolate on the full concept and expand upon the utility for fans, initial pre-orders of the physical CD contained limited edition trading cards based on the story line in partnership with MetaZoo Games, a company co-founded and launched in March 2021 by Aoki.
As for the music, it is a fun and often surprising collection of tracks. Steve Aoki has never been known to play it safe and his choice of collaborators should reveal very quickly that he is looking once again to expand his sound. Perhaps it is best summed up from the man himself:

“The music is a connecting tissue to this universe that I’m creating. This album tells a fantastical story, but it’s also about freedom from restraint. I went right back to my roots—that raw, rock energy and that became the basis of it. From there, I began to explore everything and it sprouted into so many different genres.”

Whether you enjoy the story line or just want jam out to some fun tracks, ‘HiROQUEST: Genesis’ is a fun listen with something for everyone!

Image Credit: Steve Aoki (Press) / Courtesy of Shore Fire Media

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