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Trap and Bass Essentials Vol. 6 featuring Ekali, Kozmoz & Don Peyote
Photo Credits: Rukes.com

Trap and Bass Essentials Vol. 6 featuring Ekali, Kozmoz & Don Peyote

Home Uncategorized Trap and Bass Essentials Vol. 6 featuring Ekali, Kozmoz & Don Peyote

Showcasing trap and bass artists who are truly revolutionizing the music scene, We Rave You is excited to reveal the next edition of our Trap and Bass Essentials featuring Ekali, Kozmoz, and Don Peyote.

When one thinks of the evolution of trap and bass music, a few names immediately come to mind including Ekali, Kozmoz, and Don Peyote. As we enter the fall season, the heat has definitely not been slowing down in terms of releases this year. With an eclectic approach to their sound design, We Rave You has the pleasure of introducing our next Trap and Bass Essentials series featuring these globally recognized artists.




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After blessing his fanbase with a hometown show at Enso Vancouver, Ekali is a true legend in the trap and bass scene. With a series of classics including his collaboration with ILLENIUM for ‘Hard To Say Goodbye’ and runes such as “Babylon” featuring Denzel Curry, this genre-defying producer really does it all. Showcasing his true talent during his headline show in Vancouver, Ekali definitely was the highlight of the evening show as fans were kept on their feet with the amount of energy Ekali brought to the table. Breaking barriers and pushing his signature bass-infused sound forward, Ekali is the one we trust to deliver a spectacular set and take us back to the golden years of trap music. Consistently portraying his sound to draw influence from both old and new experiences which resonates during his live performances. Listeners feel his utmost dedication reflected through his music, but the real beauty of Nathan Shaw is his effort to support local producers and artists globally. Recently dropping his tribute of Emalkay’s “When I Look At You,” be sure to listen to this majestic track below and stay in touch with Ekali here as he prepares to take on festivals such as Freaky Deaky 2022.

Kozmoz– “Drop Out”

Transforming and evolving the beauty of dubstep and bass music, Kozmoz has been making his own waves in the industry since day one. One listen is all it takes for listeners to get hooked on Kozmoz’s destructive yet high-energy signature sound. Demonstrating the correlation between forward-thinking and electrifying sound design, this talented artist has been building a global fan base of like-minded listeners. Absolutely destroying the stage in the most epic way possible, Kozmoz has blessed venues and festivals including EDC Las Vegas, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and many more. Launching off with ‘BOUNCE GATE,’ slithering undertones and hard-hitting vocals pump up the crowd no matter what time of the day it is. With low-tempo bass madness and a side of distortion, Kozmoz pushes all the limits and goes deep on the bass with this one. Calling upon MINDFVCK for their epic collaboration on ‘TONAL SCREAM,’ eerie melodies and menacing shape-shifting sound satisfy all those dubstep enthusiasts in awe for more. Now ‘KICK’N IN UR DOOR’ is about to be rinsed at festivals across the globe. The adrenaline begins to rush through your veins as reverberating frequencies and wrenching bass quickly take over. Rapidly taking over listeners’ minds with ‘FUCK RENT,’ Kozmoz welcomes his audience into his world of menacing synths and alarming instrumentals to take full control. Ending off on the brightest note with REIGN for ‘BLVCK HEART,’ soothing vocals, uplifting rhythms, and unforgettable soundscapes showcase Kozmoz’s experimental production style at his finest. Connect with Kozmoz here and listen to his hard-hitting EP below. 

Don Peyote– “Kizuki”

Music is the temple, and Don Peyote is the DJ. With a sound described as euphoric, hard-hitting, and critical, Don’s music and DJ sets aim to raise energy, inspire through innovation, and invoke pure, raging emotion. A true master of sound, Don Peyote and his mind-melting catalog relentlessly break the chains of genre constraints time and time again. Returning with his second release in 2022, “Kizuki” opens with a slew of distorted synths and warbles before descending into a frenzy of raucous beat work. Too large to fit inside a singular box, “Kizuki” deftly fuses elements of dubstep, bass, and hardwave. From start to finish, Don Peyote commands control with bestial growls, high-octane syncopation, and a pummeling bassline fit for any and every corner of bass music’s empire. Be sure to stay tuned with Don Peyote here and listen to his genre-bending track below.

Photo Credits: Rukes.com 



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