What So Not pushes all boundaries with highly-anticipated album ‘Anomaly’ Listen

The wait is over and the highly-anticipated album ‘Anomaly’ is here and let us tell you it was definitely worth the wait. Fusing together a glimmering pastiche of electronica, hip hop, house, and experimental fare, Anomaly is the culmination of a huge 2022 for the talented artist What So Not.

Boasting oscillating dancefloor fillers, emphatic instrumentation, and What So Not like you’ve never heard before, ‘Anomaly’ showcases Chris’ staggering progression since releasing his debut album Not All The Beautiful Things back in 2018. Compiling Chris’ personal experiences traveling the world and recording a lack of time constraints, and the most passionate iteration to date in the What So Not story, ‘Anomaly’ is equally the ultimate house party soundtrack as much as it’s also Chris cementing his status as a global electronic dance phenomenon.

With this ever-evolving artist calling upon numerous legendary producers to work their magic on stellar collaborations such as “On Air” featuring Louis The Child, Captain Cuts, and JRM, this album is truly breathtaking. Escaping a sense of reality with tracks such as  “Bad Piano” with Body Ocean and Lucy Lucy, the album is a true masterpiece. With the album also featuring the likes of Phi11a, Zoid Land, Tek Genesis, EVAN GIIA, Enschway, Herizen, and even vocals courtesy of What So Not, the legend shares:

“I think this album is the furthest I’ve ever progressed in my music. It’s the strongest, the most thought out, the most evolved version of any music that I’ve worked on over the years and I’m so excited for people to hear it in full. I’m so grateful for the amount of time that I was given to work on it during this off-cycle, which is not something I’ve experienced before. The silver linings of the world shutting down over the past few years have allowed me to refine and hone in on this album like I’ve never been able to in the past. For me, this is my best work.”

Listen to the full album below and let us know your favorite track in the comments.

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