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A Good Plan On How To Actually Start Learning How To Sing

A lot of people aspire to be singers, songwriters, and musical performers. Unfortunately, very few people’s dreams are achieved. More often than not, this is because they simply can’t sing.

It is certainly true that some people are natural singers, but that’s not to say that it’s impossible for somebody with a bad voice to improve the way that they sing, and then become a famous musician.

While you will have to work a lot harder to become a good singer if your voice isn’t naturally good, you can still do it.

Here’s how you can start learning to sing:


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Autotuning can be a highly effective way of improving the way that you sound on songs. However, it needs to be said: autotune won’t fool anyone. It is very obvious when a person is using autotune. In spite of this, it can still help you to gain more popularity. Autotune is more popular in certain genres than others. Rap musicians regularly use it, but rock ones hardly do. You can download an easy-to-use vocoder plugin on your computer, and then begin applying autotuning to your recordings. You may even be able to get a plugin that’s free to use.


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Voice Care

You won’t be able to learn to sing if you don’t take care of your voice. Very few people are even aware of the fact that they need to take care of their voices. People smoke, shout, and drink alcohol. All of these things can cause a lot of damage to your vocal cords. If you want to learn to sing and you have a habit of doing any of these things, then now’s the time to stop. Smoking and shouting, in particular, are two things that you need to stop immediately. As long as you drink alcohol moderately then it won’t do too much damage. The problem with alcohol is that it often leads to smoking and shouting.

Warming Up

Before you begin signing, you need to warm yourself up. There are various vocal exercises that you can perform to warm yourself up for a signing performance. Not warming yourself up could lead to you injuring your vocal cords, or just not sounding your best. If you take classes in signing, then the person teaching you will likely give you instructions on how to properly warm your voice up.

Practice Daily

If you want to be a singer, then you need to practice every single day, much as you would if you were trying to learn an instrument, or master anything really. It is usually good to practice under an expert’s supervision, which is why you should take lessons, but that will be covered later. When you are practicing, be as loud as you want. A lot of people are quiet out of fear of being judged by their family or loved ones. If you don’t let yourself get into it, then you won’t make any improvements.



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Professional Classes

Classes are worth taking, especially if you don’t already have a good voice. The reason for this is that a professional singing instructor will be able to teach you the techniques needed to be a good singer and help you to get the most out of your voice. When looking for an instructor do your research and find one that has good reviews online from past customers. You may also want to sign yourself up for classes at a professional school, which can be a very good idea.

Online Tutorials

Online tutorials can be a good alternative to classes for people who are on a budget and can’t afford professional lessons. Professional singing lessons are not cheap. The downside to tutorials is that while you can follow along and learn good skills, you won’t have anybody there to give you constructive criticism and help you improve and hone your skills. Something you may want to consider is taking an online class. An online class won’t be as intensive as an in-person one, but it can still be a very good way of learning to sing and improving your skills. You will also meet other people in the same situation as you (because these classes are usually given to groups of people at once, rather than one-on-one).

Finding Style

When you are trying to learn to sing, you need to find your style. From a technical perspective, Mick Jagger isn’t a great singer. However, because the style in which he sings suits the music he sings to, nobody really notices. You don’t have to be a very good singer to be successful, as Mick Jagger demonstrates, but you do have to know your style and be confident in it. A professional singing coach can help you to find your style.

Defining Genre

Before you can find your style though, you need to define your genre. What kind of music do you want to sing? Mick Jagger wouldn’t be a very good opera singer, because he doesn’t have the voice for it. Similarly, Pavarotti wouldn’t make a good rock ‘n’ roll singer. Your style should be influenced by your genre. Most singing instructors will recommend that you find your genre before you attempt to start singing. Knowing what your genre is can also be a good way of improving your skills since you can then begin listening to other musicians in that genre (and copy them, if you need to).

Joining Band

One last thing that you might want to consider if you want to become a better singer is joining a band. Joining a band gives you the opportunity to practice and learn with other musicians. You can all grow together. If there is another singer in the band that you join, then they can give you advice and constructive criticism. However, it is first a good idea to learn how to sing by taking classes before you join a band so that you can still perform with them.

If you want to learn to sing, then you need to consider the things outlined here. Learning to sing won’t be easy if you don’t have a naturally good voice, but it is possible. It does require a lot of determination and effort, however.




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