Alison Wonderland Press Image - Photo By Simple G

Alison Wonderland shares honesty and optimism in ‘Down The Line’: Listen

Alison Wonderland has released her newest single, the melodic and hauntingly personal track, Down The Line.  The single represents her first new music since she released her excellent third album, Loner, earlier this year in May.

The Australian producer and DJ has always been consistent in her ability to craft unique productions, combining elements of EDM, hip-hop and dubstep with an incredibly honest outlook and lyrical content.  With Down The Line, Alison Wonderland continues this trend, opening the track with a light guitar arpeggio, and she sings about her life with an almost unsettling frankness as revealed in the opening verse, “I’ve been hiding in my work, keepin’ busy ’cause it hurts, couldn’t answer all your calls, thought you’d get it but you don’t.”  Wonderland’s unflinching willingness to allow fans to enter her psyche through such brazen honest is one of her most adoring attributes as her legions of followers relate to her on a level that rises above the more typical club and rave scenes that dance music more commonly attaches itself to.  While the verses may seem worrying and hopeless, she asserts her strength and certainty that all good things must end as she hits the chorus refrain, repeating, “I’m gonna be OK this time, I’m gonna be OK down the line.”

With the nostalgia filled When We Were Young festival occurring over consecutive weekends in Las Vegas, NV, Alison Wonderland is creating her own version of electronic emo music, even evoking memories of My Chemical Romance’s famous single, I’m Not OK (I Promise).  Where the past generation leaned into brash guitars and skinny jeans, Wonderland lives in oversized t-shirts and expresses herself through bright synths and a thumping 808 to dance away the bad times.  For fans of Alison Wonderland, this is another stellar entry into her already incredible career.  The Loner era has been defined by her willingness to reveal her true feelings and be honest in all her endeavors, and Down The Line certainly does just that.


Image Credit: Simple G / Provided by Universal Music Group