Michael Rice & Amberlind

Amberlind unveils eclectic new single ‘Reasons’ feat. Michael Rice: Listen

Implementing his signature sound in the most eclectic of fashions, Amberlind has just unveiled a track for the ages, in the form of ‘Reasons.’ As emotive as it can get, the addition of singer/songwriter Michael Rice on vocals, helps elevate this certified hit to a different dimension.

Looking to further enhance his presence within the electronic dance industry, Amberlind has just blessed us all with the most eclectic of releases, entitled ‘Reasons.’ Teaming up with singer/songwriter Michael Rice on this latest project has resulted in a match made in heaven, as the end product is nothing less than extraordinary. Infusing his love for musical instruments throughout the entirety of the track, it comes to no surprise that the core foundation was established through the use of bagpipes and flutes from the Highlands, as Amberlind ultimately focused on the blend of Nordic and Celtic sounds, with that of a modern up-tempo beat.

Hailing from Sweden, Amberlind has been evolving his style of play on a constant level, with this latest track, acting as yet another indicator of the true versatile nature that follows this artist to watch. Combining a variation of musical styles has become somewhat of a natural occurrence, as his strong sense of melody is more than often used in the most creative of ways. Collaborating with an array of artists, producers and songwriters from all around the world, it would only make sense that Rice would be the chosen vocal artist for ‘Reasons,’ with than man of the moment deriving not that far from the Scottish Highlands, and in turn, elevating the track to a different dimension through his addition on this certified hit.

Out now under WoodHouse Productions, ‘Reasons’ will most definitely have you feeling some type of way, as each musical element is implemented to the utmost of perfection. Offering his expertise and at the same time also adding the final touches on ‘Reasons,’ Henric Pierroff ensured that the end product would have us all begging for more, and trust us when we say, that’s most definitely the case. With this in mind, be sure to check out this masterpiece of a track in all its glory below, whilst streaming is also available through all major platforms here. Enjoy!


Image Credits: Michael Rice by Hannah Turner & Mastercard / Amberlind by Staffan Amberlind