Avicii released his sophomore album ‘Stories’ 7 years ago

Avicii left the music world and his fans much too early but fortunately, the songs and albums will live on forever with their incredible productions and heartfelt lyrics and performances.  This week signifies seven years since the Swedish producer released his sophomore album, Stories, into the world.

After breaking down genres and breaking out into the mainstream with his debut album, True, and smash hit Wake Me Up, fans were eager to get more music from Avicii and hear what he would do for his follow up.  With Stories, Avicii expanded upon the sounds and themes utilized on his debut album, but now over years removed from the somewhat unflattering debut of tracks from his debut album at his now iconic Ultra Music Festival 2013 performance, the sound and new direction had been fully embraced after the albums release.  In an attempt to build upon that success and the sound he created, Avicii would work on over 70 songs for consideration as well as collaborate with a wide variety of artists such as Billie Joe Armstrong, Bon Jovi, Serj Tankian, Wyclef Jean and Chris Martin to name a few.  The goal was to further hone the song writing and story telling aspect of the album, while still maintaining the energy and production qualities that helped bring Avicii to this stage in his career.  Featuring singles Waiting For Love and For A Better Day, the album took listeners on a sonic and lyrical journey, showcasing the producers willingness to continue to lean into the style he developed on his debut album and further moving away from the standard singles and dance floor anthems that were expected of DJs at the time, while he continued to pave his musical journey on his own terms.  As fans everywhere continue to celebrate the life and legacy of Tim Bergling, this week is a great time to revisit Stories.

Image Credit: Rukes.com