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Boris Brejcha breaks the speed of sound with 2-track EP ‘Timelapse’: Listen

Boris Brejcha doesn’t slow down the pace of releases and drops a new EP on his FCKNG SERIOUS.

Boris Brejcha’s pace of releases is as rhythmic as his productions, keeping a steady and engaging beat. After ‘I Want You‘ released in August on his imprint featuring Ginger and the highly anticipated take two of his ‘Club Vibes‘ series on Harthouse last month, Boris Brejcha now cements his reign with another pair of high-tech-minimal pearls. ‘Timelapse‘ is a 2-track EP that encapsulates two IDs long desired by his fans, now available on your favourite platforms via FCKNG SERIOUS.

With an impressive collection of events in 2022, an ongoing European tour and non-stop releases, ‘Timelapse’ is effectively a fitting title to characterise the antithesis of Boris Brejcha’s career. The title track is a pure ode to the masked producer’s minimal high-tech style. Developing into an undulating and dynamic narrative in true Brejcha style, it takes you on a rollercoaster ride of layers and sounds. The pristine and tailored production of this track is like a DNA sample from its author, letting loose that mechanical panning that makes the body and mind oscillate between the sounds. Deliberately instrumental, ‘Timelapse’ lets the powerful bassline and the string vocalise the time travel led by Boris Brejcha. ‘Darkness‘ is another production that counts with the collaboration of the talented Ginger. Although the name of the track suggests some darkness, the shimmering drops of the keys light up the soundscape of this elegant dance cut. Delicate, formal and modern, this B-side is a perfect fit for clubbing nights this autumn. These are two tracks generous in minutes, which will make you lose track of time. Fasten your seat belt now and listen to ‘Timelapse’ EP below:

Image Credit: Boris Brejcha Press / Provided by Measure PR UK