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CamelPhat remix Eldon’s ‘Magic Me’, the first single of their new label: Listen

CamelPhat on remix duty for Eldon’s ‘Magic Me’ on the premiere of the duo’s label.

This is certainly a very important week for CamelPhat and their giant legion of fans. The Liverpool duo has just presented to the world their first independent record label When Stars Align, which starts its curriculum of releases with two exciting tracks: one original by Eldon and the other a delicious remix by the label’s bosses, both available for purchase or stream.

Many are the artists who own labels, varied in some cases. For CamelPhat, it took some time and the endorsement of the cosmos to launch When Stars Align. But it was that maturation that allowed the label to emerge so solidly and for the first single to so faithfully embody the sound that CamelPhat try to encapsulate in their own music. In the Instagram post with which they announced the advent of their label, CamelPhat mentioned that:

 ‘‘Magic Me’ is a beautiful slice of house music that carries a unique, delicate & original vocal, everything we strive to create in our own music. We love it so much we’ve even remixed ourselves.”

To produce the debut single, the duo recruited another Liverpool talent. Eldon’s unique creativity and signature fit perfectly with CamelPhat’s profile, especially the bass-driven productions. ‘Magic Me‘ in Eldon’s original version is a perfect balance between uptown and downtown, a distinctive and extremely modern-sounding mix that features an engaging vocal. It’s no wonder CamelPhat couldn’t resist getting their hands on this track and extolling its natural attributes. Darker, denser, deeper. CamelPhat go deep on this remix, digging into a melodic underworld. The vocal comes in early, engaging preemptively with the listener. The claps and more sparkling sounds are replaced by frenetic synths and a more penetrating beat. It’s a club-ready version that suits well the next season. It’s a sleek, sublime piece of art that perfectly represents CamelPhat and their new trademark.

Could there be a better way to debut a new label? Probably not. Discover the magic in ‘Magic Me’ below:


Image Credit: Ushuaïa Ibiza (Press) / Provided by NEU Communications