Home Uncategorized Charlotte de Witte takes you into space with her new EP ‘Apollo’: Listen
Charlotte de Witte takes you into space with her new EP ‘Apollo’: Listen
Charlotte de Witte Tomorrowland 2022
Image Credit: Tomorrowland

Charlotte de Witte takes you into space with her new EP ‘Apollo’: Listen

Home Uncategorized Charlotte de Witte takes you into space with her new EP ‘Apollo’: Listen

Charlotte de Witte shares the four tracks from her new EP ‘Apollo‘, out now via her label KNTXT.

Techno royalty Charlotte de Witte has just strengthened her catalogue of productions with a brand new four-track EP. ‘Apollo’ was released via Charlotte’s KNTXT label and is available for streaming as well as digital and vinyl copies.

Charlotte de Witte is a name that does not fade, on the contrary, it seems to gain a sheen over time. 2022 was marked by major events that put Charlotte behind the decks in front of giant crowds of fans. In July, she achieved a phenomenal achievement by being the first female artist to close the mainstage at Tomorrowland, where the venue didn’t seem to have enough miles for all those who wanted to witness this important moment. When it comes to the release charts, Charlotte de Witte doesn’t let go of the top spots on the techno charts, embellishing them with quantity but especially with quality. In April she captivated with the psychedelic four-track EP ‘Universal Consciousness‘, which was followed by ‘Asura‘, released just a few weeks ago. Now, Charlotte takes you beyond the stratosphere with a mind-blowing new EP. Drinking inspiration from the cosmos, this body of work aims to explore the parallelism between space and techno, as the Belgian prodigy claims:

 ‘The vastness and solitude of space always interested me. A compelling contrast between monumental power and the vacuum in between.  This diversion can also be found in techno music, a pure simplicity divergent in power.’

Missing Channel‘ is the first track on this spatial EP. Rich in sounds that refer to voids and laser weapons that could well be extraterrestrial, this track moves at a progressive speed. The frequencies of the layers mould themselves to involve you deeply, while the vocal serves as a guide to this cosmic journey. Next is the title track ‘Apollo‘, which arrives harder and raw, with an incisive and persistent hammering. The rhythm rides along, enriched with loud percussion and some godly chants that serve as its soundscape. Despite the relentless beat, ‘Apollo’ enshrines a soothing and beautiful melody, representing a rather interesting musical dichotomy. Moving further into the solar system you find ‘Mercury‘. Developing into an effervescent dance of synths, it evokes psychedelic rhythms and sounds. The blistering distortions make it a sci-fi piece that will take you to some of your favourite futuristic movies. ‘PPC‘ is the track that closes this EP. If you close your eyes and let yourself be guided by the sounds, you can feel yourself entering the journey. The vocals of communication between the ship and the command centre on the ground give it a surprising realism. This last track is not so much an invitation to dance as a musical narrative of the concept that Charlotte de Witte has explored throughout this amazing EP.

Get ready to lose all gravity and listen to ‘Apollo’ below:

Image Credit: Tomorrowland

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