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FL Studio 21 beta updates, new features and plugins

FL Studio 21 beta has been made available, and there are many exciting new updates and plugins available for users to help with their creation and work flow processes.  The new features were created by a team solely focused on the development of new plugins, instead of the team that works on FL Studio itself.


This dedicated workforce means that the attention to detail and quality of the new plugins should be noticeable to users everywhere.  Now to run through some of the updated features, as shared by the popular YouTube channel FL Studio Tricks as producer Matthias Fischer walks through the version 21 beta edition.


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The first exciting plugin update is the new Multiband Delay, which is available the Producer Edition of the DAW and up.  The Multiband Delay divides the frequency spectrum into 16 bands, allowing users to a variety of options for affecting specific frequencies and shifting curves and patterns for unique outputs with extreme attention to detail for users.


Another upcoming edition to the plugin suite, which will be available in the All Plugins Edition, will be the LuxeVerb.  This powerful reverb offers a wide variety of detailed features and specific sections such as envelope for ducking and gating, a dedicated feedback section with pitch shifting and freezing and of course standard input, output and reverb areas. While this plugin will need to be purchased for users without the the All Plugins Edition of the DAW, it is clear that it was built to compete with any other reverb plugins that may be available on the market.


The third plugin to be highlighted is the Vintage Phaser, which will be included for users of the Signature Bundle and upwards.  This new phaser plugin was inspired by and modeled after the Electro-Harmonics Small Stone Phaser and provides users a detailed plugin for sound design and creation.  With FL Studio V21 expected to see a full release in 2023, now is a good time for users to study the upcoming updates and features that they will soon have access to.


Watch the video below for a visual run-down of all the new plugins in FL Studio V21!

Image Credit: Bas Pennings via Flickr

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