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Jean-Michel Jarre releases 22nd album ‘Oxymore’: Listen
Jean-Michel Jarre
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Jean-Michel Jarre releases 22nd album ‘Oxymore’: Listen

Home Uncategorized Jean-Michel Jarre releases 22nd album ‘Oxymore’: Listen

Jean-Michel Jarre has returned with his 22nd album and what may be his most ambitious and technologically impressive release to date, the multi channel and binaural release, Oxymore.  Drawing inspiration from the late French composer Pierre Henry, with whom Jarre had planned on collaborating with for his album, Electronica, Henry’s widow provided original sounds intended for the work which were utilized for this new release.

For Jean-Michel Jarre, the ability to to create the first commercial release of this magnitude, combining the concepts of multi channel and binaural, or spatial 3D, throughout the composition, recording and mix phases is a true accomplishment for the producer.  Discussing the intentions and advantages to the process, Jarre stated:

“In real life stereo does not exist, our audio field is 360 degrees. Today, technology allows us to explore composition in spatial audio and that opens a whole new experience for us musicians in the creative process. Music will be more easily experienced by anyone with regular headphones or the new generations of sound systems, offering a more physical and natural way of listening to sound and music in full immersion.”

The album itself is a somewhat haunting yet engaging collection of sounds and sonic landscapes, forcing the listener on a audio journey that is built for a sci-fi movie soundtrack but doesn’t feel out place on its own, devoid of a images yet allowing fans to create their own visual mosaics.  Beyond the incredible technological aspects of the album, Jean-Michel Jarre has noted his desire to re imagine the singles from the album with popular singers, to help further explore the music and possibilities.  The first of these remixes was released earlier this year when Jarre teamed up with Martin Gore of Depeche Mode for the thrilling Brutalism Take 2.  As for the album itself, it is being released on Dolby Atmos on Amazon and Apple Music as well as Binaural on Spotify so listeners can truly experience the full scope of the project from their home.  Listen now or purchase a CD or Vinyl here.

Image Credit: François Rousseau / Provided by Falcon Publicity

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